• “DevOps is a Scam!”
    “Salesforce’s low-code platform dramatically simplifies building applications, but modern Salesforce implementations have become so complex that DevOps is a requirement.”
  • The Importance of Design Patterns in Your Development Pipeline
    So your company is working to improve its development pipeline. There’s a big project to work on your DevOps processes and toolset, and maybe even changes to the way your development is being managed. However, if you’re a developer these changes could be the least of your problems. Let’s face it, code isn’t always perfect
  • The Baker & The Developer
    There’s a grocery store close to my house that is super convenient and has everything I could possibly need. It feels great to go to a single place and know that my needs are going to be met. However, I recently discovered a local baker that bakes absolutely perfect bread. Better than anything at the
  • The Often-Missed Opportunity of Investing in DevOps
    In the Salesforce space today, we still find many large organizations that have multiple development teams, some with a tremendous amount of chaos and issues. Releases often take the entire team’s involvement, are problematic, and take days to complete. Also, developers either ignore or are unaware of what other developers in other environments are building/changing

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