“CloudQnect provides a talented group of developers and admins who provide sound advice throughout the development process. We have had nothing but great experiences with them, and they are our exclusive choice for Salesforce development and support.”

Farhan Kahn, ESi Group

Build a Successful DevOps Model

Since first integrating Salesforce into your company, your development team has grown to meet your needs. Now you have multiple teams implementing multiple changes per day. As your activity scales, so does the complexity. Wires get crossed and projects slow down.

CloudQnect aligns your people, process, and tools to complete more projects, in less time, with better outcomes.

Successful DevOps Results


Lower Cost of Ownership


Increase in Developer Efficiency


More Features Delivered


Reduction in Compliance Costs

DevOps Success


DevOps Tools

  • Copado

  • AutoRABIT

  • Flosum

  • Ant-Migration Tool


  • BitBucket Pipelines

  • Jenkins

  • CI/CD Rollout Pipelines

  • Platform Integrations

DevOps Case Studies


40,000+ Member Non-Profit

The organization was spending multiple days and too much time, along with a tremendous amount of participation and coordination with all their developers on even their smallest Salesforce deployments.

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