“Agile and DX technology are already dovetailing in the enterprise as both the technology and business sides of organizations come together to achieve business goals using this (Salesforce DX) more flexible and collaborative solution.”

CMS WiRE, December 2019

What is Salesforce DX, why is it important to my company?

Your team has been building, integrating, and evolving Salesforce for years. However, this has created a disorganized container of metadata, known as “happy soup.”

Salesforce DX offers you the ability to improve your developer’s experience, resulting in higher quality code that is easier to maintain, “version-able,” deploys faster, and can be upgraded with minimal complexity.

Since the launch of Salesforce DX in 2017, CloudQnect developers have been at the forefront of DX, and have helped Fortune 500 companies and others plan and implement their DX migrations, as well as, train their internal developers on how to implement and support future DX projects.

Five-year ROI
in business benefits per 100 users per year

Our DX Maturity Model enables us to help you:

  • Understand the people process and tools needed to implement DX

  • Help to build the awareness of the need for DX within your executive team
  • Enable your developers to create an understanding of the need to change
  • Train your developers, so the new methods become a habit

  • Create the automation needed to enable significant improvements in developer output
44% more new apps developed each year
59% less time to release new applications or features
71% say speed of application/project delivery is a critical KPI

Read: The 4 Phases of a Successful Salesforce DX Migration

  • Improve your software delivery process by utilizing modular packaging and scratch orgs
  • Create & update a release process that is predictable, faster, and has more granular visibility
  • Improve your developer experience by leveraging the source code as the “source of truth.”

  • Enable a fast, continuous delivery of integration pipelines with automated testing workflows

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