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For the legacy Salesforce user, moving fast can be a challenge.

You’re taking full advantage of Salesforce by integrating it with other systems. However, this has created a disorganized container of metadata, known as “happy soup.”

Salesforce DX was designed to help legacy users create greater efficiency through faster development projects.

Salesforce DX offers you the ability to improve your developer’s experience, resulting in higher quality code that is easier to maintain, “version-able,” deploys faster, and can be upgraded with minimal complexity.

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We explain the benefits and outcomes you can expect, as well as how to make your DX Migration a success, here →

  • Improve your software delivery process by utilizing modular packaging and scratch orgs
  • Create & update a release process that is predictable, faster, and has more granular visibility
  • Improve team collaboration with better ownership, allowing the source code to serve as the point of truth
  • Improve your developer experience by leveraging the source code as the “source of truth,” as opposed to the production org, to eliminate inadvertent metadata code overrides
  • Enable a fast, continuous delivery of integration pipelines with automated testing workflows
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