With Salesforce you can:

  • Connect every process and data source to provide a unified view of each account and lead
  • Customize any sales, marketing, finance, service, or other processes and integrate all of your departments
  • Extend your sales, marketing, and service capabilities with prebuilt apps
  • Always be on the latest and greatest version and get new innovations delivered three times per year
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  • Utilize the safest and most secure hosted platform

When getting started with Salesforce, selecting the right Registered Salesforce Partner is paramount to the success you will have.

Some of the keys to successfully adopting and implementing Salesforce are:
  • Find the right Registered Salesforce Partner. Your Partner should seek to understand how your company operates; what pain points you are currently experiencing (with your current systems); and what your company’s current, three-year, and five-year goals/plans are. Only then can they determine if you need Salesforce.
  • Have a Senior Executive “sponsor” for the Salesforce Implementation team.
  • Involve at least one person from every department on the Implementation team.
  • Working closely with your Partner, and based on your answers from A above, determine the best place to start implementing Salesforce and establish a timeline with defined goals/KPIs and the expected ROI.
  • Your Partner should have the experience and proper disciplined Agile processes for helping you getting started, track on-going efforts, and plan out future enhancements, if any. Failure to utilize a disciplined approach will result in lack of buy-in by your employees and thousands of wasted dollars trying to roll-out features and solutions.
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CloudQnect was brought in to one client, to fix a botched roll-out, resulting in:


Reduction in Deployment Time

In savings due to CloudQnect’s efficiencies

Increase in Developer Efficiency

CloudQnect was brought in to one client, to fix a botched roll-out, resulting in:

Your Salesforce Investment.