Salesforce is an incredibly powerful tool, capable of helping your company in many ways. But it’s also complex, and if it’s not configured correctly, it can actually hurt your company more than not using it at all.

The primary causes of frustration are:

  1. It’s not set up to serve your business objectives:
    Salesforce is designed to help simplify your sales and other business processes, through personalized automation and very detailed tracking data. But it must be configured around your business processes. If it’s not built around a proven process, it’s hard to determine how to set it up or use it properly.
  2. Trying to do too much at once:
    Since Salesforce does so much, many assume they should turn everything on at once. But there is a learning curve to using the platform, and too much at once can overwhelm your team, leading to them abandoning the platform altogether. We like to start with a process you know, enhance the process with automation and better data reporting, then slowly build in additional aspects to help you scale. And don’t worry, after we help set this up, we’re with you every step of the way if and issues arise.