What drives my costs up?
— For companies that just assume Salesforce will automatically solve all your problems, this is not the case. If you do not have set processes already, your costs can rise because we’ll need to take the time to help you map that process out. The technology should be configured to an existing process, not define a process for you.
— If you already have Salesforce but it was implemented incorrectly, you can expect some added costs for us to help clean the implementation up to ensure it’ll function properly for your team.
— The amount of custom development work and administrative requests can also start to add up. We work with you from the beginning to build a roadmap that sets expectations. But if we deviate too far from the original plan, costs may rise.
— Something you might expect, but the number of users will also drive costs up slightly

What drives my costs down?
— The more planning that goes into the front-end, the better prepared your team will be for investment forecasting. The roadmap we build together at the very beginning is a critical plan to hold both parties accountable.
— Pace yourself. Do not try to do too much at once. This will help to both keep costs under control and not overwhelm your team (ultimately helping with user adoption).
— This helps to ensure we can anticipate potential custom development needs, as well as understanding when certain aspects of Salesforce will be enabled. The less surprises, the lower the cost.
— The more defined your processes are, the easier it is to configure Salesforce to serve those processes.

Why are certain companies charging a lot more?
— It could be that these companies are very thorough, but you should work to understand what exactly they’re going to help you do, and why that’s the most efficient route to take. There is a tendency in this industry to turn on a lot of features all at once, which racks up your costs and overwhelms your team.
— Ensure there’s a plan in place, you understand why you’re doing what and when.

Why are certain companies charging a lot less?
— Buyer beware, as these companies may just be a technical implementation shop with little regard for 1. Ensuring Salesforce is set up to serve your business processes, or 2. User-adoption. It “pays” to have a Salesforce consultancy that helps on the business side as much as the technical side. Just turning on the technology will not solve your problems. You have to understand how the technology serves your existing process. Furthermore, if it isn’t configured and introduced to the team properly, user-adoption issues will plague your grand visions of leveraging Salesforce to its full potential.

What does your typical customer pay, on average?

— We have three primary offerings:

  1. Implementation and configuration/customization:
    1. Ensure Salesforce is set up properly to assist your process, not define it
    2. Our QuickStart service starts at $2995
  2. Managed Services and Salesforce Healthcheck:
    1. Help your team with user-adoption, and gradually introduce additional functionality within Salesforce to increase the benefits
    2. Our Managed Services service starts as low as $850 per month
  3. DevOps, DX conversion, and custom development:
    1. All businesses have unique aspects to their process. When we encounter these unique scenarios, we can build custom features to ensure you don’t have to change a proven process
    2. Rates for custom development vary based on the exact requirements