How can I determine the right path for us?

  1. Hire an internal Salesforce administrator and/or developer
    This is a great resource to have, if your company is large enough to warrant this resource. On average, companies with less than 225 employees probably don’t yet need an internal administrator – but we’ll caveat that with the fact that companies are using Salesforce to varying degrees. If you’re not sure, call us and speak with a few other consultants first to gauge their opinions.
  2. Hire a different Salesforce consultant
    There are a lot out there. Talk to a few of them and see who inspires the most confidence. Keep in mind, the technical capability is easier to find than the ability to connect Salesforce to your unique business processes. The best consultant will first take the time to understand your business, before any discussion of technology occurs. Only after understanding your business expectations could any smart consultant reasonably guide your next steps.
  3. “Wing it” with your current internal team
    I’ll again mention that having the internal capacity and knowledge to execute technical tasks is great to have, but you need to ensure that you’re implementing the right resource for your business. Tech supports your business, not the other way around. Do not implement Salesforce as a cure-all to internal challenges. Utilize Salesforce when you have a clear vision of why you need it how to use it to simplify your business.