Frustrated? We hear you, and we can help:2019-10-03T17:07:57-04:00

Salesforce is an incredibly powerful tool, capable of helping your company in many ways. But it’s also complex, and if it’s not configured correctly, it can actually hurt your company more than not using it at all.

The primary causes of frustration are:

  1. It’s not set up to serve your business objectives:
    Salesforce is designed to help simplify your sales and other business processes, through personalized automation and very detailed tracking data. But it must be configured around your business processes. If it’s not built around a proven process, it’s hard to determine how to set it up or use it properly.
  2. Trying to do too much at once:
    Since Salesforce does so much, many assume they should turn everything on at once. But there is a learning curve to using the platform, and too much at once can overwhelm your team, leading to them abandoning the platform altogether. We like to start with a process you know, enhance the process with automation and better data reporting, then slowly build in additional aspects to help you scale. And don’t worry, after we help set this up, we’re with you every step of the way if and issues arise.
Can you define your process more to illustrate how you approach helping companies like us?2019-10-03T17:09:55-04:00
  1. We will first ask you a number of questions to help us understand your business, the current state of technology you use, issues you’re facing, and your overall goals
  2. Clarify your business objectives to determine why and how to utilize Salesforce
  3. Understand your current process to identify gaps and opportunities
  4. Show you how Salesforce helps enhance your existing process and build your implementation roadmap
  5. Help you work with the platform, train your team, and build in additional functionality


What exactly does CloudQnect do?2019-10-03T17:11:10-04:00

CloudQnect is a Salesforce consulting partner that helps users of Salesforce implement, customize and/or optimize their use of the platform so they can maximize their Salesforce investment.

  1. We help companies implement the tool and configure it to their needs
  2. We help companies implement new applications and features if they’re already using Salesforce, as well as serve as an admin to help with day-to-day platform use
  3. We help with custom development options within Salesforce, such as DevOps and DX development.
Do I need those services and can you help my company?2019-10-03T17:12:34-04:00

If you have yet to begin your implementation or are not thrilled with your implementation and use of Salesforce, chances are we can help change your mind around that.

Frustration typically stems from the following issues, all of which we can solve:

  1. The platform was not properly configured to your company’s processes
  2. User-adoption is low, as not all company users have bought into the benefits of using the platform
  3. Users find the platform difficult to use
  4. We’re using it at a basic level, but know we should be getting a lot more value out of the platform
I’m so frustrated with Salesforce right now, is it even worth sticking with it or should I switch?2019-10-03T17:15:10-04:00

We get this a lot. While Salesforce can be a frustrating platform to ramp into, we assure you that it has less to do with the tool itself and more to do with learning how to properly configure it, use it, and get all team members bought into the benefits of using it.

Similar frustrations are likely to occur on any platform if you don’t first take the time to map out your company processes so they can be the guide for how to set-up Salesforce (or any other tool), rather than expecting it to become your process and do everything for you automatically.


What sort of companies do you work with?2019-10-03T17:16:18-04:00
  1. For Salesforce implementation: Any organization that has recently purchased, or plans to purchase Salesforce, can use us to help implement and configure the platform for their company’s sales process
  2. Our Salesforce Admin Managed Services service is perfect for any organization or department that does not currently have, nor requires, an internal Salesforce administrator
  3. Organizations that need DevOps help to speed up their implementation and integration of existing or new applications and tools to their Salesforce instance.
How can I control my costs with you?2019-10-03T17:21:14-04:00

What drives my costs up?
— For companies that just assume Salesforce will automatically solve all your problems, this is not the case. If you do not have set processes already, your costs can rise because we’ll need to take the time to help you map that process out. The technology should be configured to an existing process, not define a process for you.
— If you already have Salesforce but it was implemented incorrectly, you can expect some added costs for us to help clean the implementation up to ensure it’ll function properly for your team.
— The amount of custom development work and administrative requests can also start to add up. We work with you from the beginning to build a roadmap that sets expectations. But if we deviate too far from the original plan, costs may rise.
— Something you might expect, but the number of users will also drive costs up slightly

What drives my costs down?
— The more planning that goes into the front-end, the better prepared your team will be for investment forecasting. The roadmap we build together at the very beginning is a critical plan to hold both parties accountable.
— Pace yourself. Do not try to do too much at once. This will help to both keep costs under control and not overwhelm your team (ultimately helping with user adoption).
— This helps to ensure we can anticipate potential custom development needs, as well as understanding when certain aspects of Salesforce will be enabled. The less surprises, the lower the cost.
— The more defined your processes are, the easier it is to configure Salesforce to serve those processes.

Why are certain companies charging a lot more?
— It could be that these companies are very thorough, but you should work to understand what exactly they’re going to help you do, and why that’s the most efficient route to take. There is a tendency in this industry to turn on a lot of features all at once, which racks up your costs and overwhelms your team.
— Ensure there’s a plan in place, you understand why you’re doing what and when.

Why are certain companies charging a lot less?
— Buyer beware, as these companies may just be a technical implementation shop with little regard for 1. Ensuring Salesforce is set up to serve your business processes, or 2. User-adoption. It “pays” to have a Salesforce consultancy that helps on the business side as much as the technical side. Just turning on the technology will not solve your problems. You have to understand how the technology serves your existing process. Furthermore, if it isn’t configured and introduced to the team properly, user-adoption issues will plague your grand visions of leveraging Salesforce to its full potential.

What does your typical customer pay, on average?

— We have three primary offerings:

  1. Implementation and configuration/customization:
    1. Ensure Salesforce is set up properly to assist your process, not define it
    2. Our QuickStart service starts at $2995
  2. Managed Services and Salesforce Healthcheck:
    1. Help your team with user-adoption, and gradually introduce additional functionality within Salesforce to increase the benefits
    2. Our Managed Services service starts as low as $850 per month
  3. DevOps, DX conversion, and custom development:
    1. All businesses have unique aspects to their process. When we encounter these unique scenarios, we can build custom features to ensure you don’t have to change a proven process
    2. Rates for custom development vary based on the exact requirements


If I don’t work with CloudQnect, what are my options?2019-10-03T17:24:16-04:00

How can I determine the right path for us?

  1. Hire an internal Salesforce administrator and/or developer
    This is a great resource to have, if your company is large enough to warrant this resource. On average, companies with less than 225 employees probably don’t yet need an internal administrator – but we’ll caveat that with the fact that companies are using Salesforce to varying degrees. If you’re not sure, call us and speak with a few other consultants first to gauge their opinions.
  2. Hire a different Salesforce consultant
    There are a lot out there. Talk to a few of them and see who inspires the most confidence. Keep in mind, the technical capability is easier to find than the ability to connect Salesforce to your unique business processes. The best consultant will first take the time to understand your business, before any discussion of technology occurs. Only after understanding your business expectations could any smart consultant reasonably guide your next steps.
  3. “Wing it” with your current internal team
    I’ll again mention that having the internal capacity and knowledge to execute technical tasks is great to have, but you need to ensure that you’re implementing the right resource for your business. Tech supports your business, not the other way around. Do not implement Salesforce as a cure-all to internal challenges. Utilize Salesforce when you have a clear vision of why you need it how to use it to simplify your business.
I’m already working with a company like yours and I’m disappointed. How are you going to be any different?2019-10-03T17:25:04-04:00

We’d first seek to understand your business, your processes, what other technology you use, and how you operate. Second, we would want to know your needs and what you initially expected Salesforce to help you accomplish. Next, we would want to know how you currently use Salesforce and we may conduct a “health check” on your current Salesforce instance. Once we have this data, we can start to recommend next steps to get you moving towards your goals.

Your success metrics & stats sound great, but how long until I can realize that for myself?2019-10-03T17:25:57-04:00

That depends on how badly things are messed up. Once we understand the issues and you help us rank them in terms of priority, we can then provide an estimated completion timetable.

I’m not using Salesforce yet (or I’m using a competitor). Should I switch to Salesforce?2019-10-03T17:29:03-04:00

We can’t tell you that without knowing how you’re using your current system, what your needs are now and what your future expectations are.

Can you give me an idea of what a roadmap to working with you looks like?2019-10-03T17:54:52-04:00

Initial call will be with our Sales team and possibly a tech team or Sales engineer. They will ask you about 15 questions which will give us an idea of your current state, some of the issues you might be facing, and your goals. That info will be shared with our client engagement team who will outline possible solutions and estimated pricing. Those proposed solutions will then be brought to you for review. Once we review them with you and you give the go ahead, we will send you our Master Services Agreement (MSA) and a specific Statement of Work (SOW) for the tasks and outcomes agreed to.

How can we explore this further?2020-02-03T11:30:42-05:00

We have an assessment you can take, only takes about 3 minutes, to help organize where you are today and where you’d like to be ideally. You can also schedule a consultation with our team to allow us to introduce ourselves and get to know your situation.

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