How can we explore this further?

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We have an assessment you can take, only takes about 3 minutes, to help organize where you are today and where you’d like to be ideally. You can also schedule a consultation with our team to allow us to introduce ourselves and get to know your situation.

I’m already working with a company like yours and I’m disappointed. How are you going to be any different?

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We’d first seek to understand your business, your processes, what other technology you use, and how you operate. Second, we would want to know your needs and what you initially expected Salesforce to help you accomplish. Next, we would want to know how you currently use Salesforce and we may conduct a “health check” on your current Salesforce instance. Once [...]

What sort of companies do you work with?

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For Salesforce implementation: Any organization that has recently purchased, or plans to purchase Salesforce, can use us to help implement and configure the platform for their company’s sales process Our Salesforce Admin Managed Services service is perfect for any organization or department that does not currently have, nor requires, an internal Salesforce administrator Organizations that need DevOps help to speed [...]