If I don’t work with CloudQnect, what are my options?

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How can I determine the right path for us? Hire an internal Salesforce administrator and/or developer This is a great resource to have, if your company is large enough to warrant this resource. On average, companies with less than 225 employees probably don’t yet need an internal administrator – but we’ll caveat that with the fact that companies are using [...]

What exactly does CloudQnect do?

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CloudQnect is a Salesforce consulting partner that helps users of Salesforce implement, customize and/or optimize their use of the platform so they can maximize their Salesforce investment. We help companies implement the tool and configure it to their needs We help companies implement new applications and features if they’re already using Salesforce, as well as serve as an admin to [...]

Frustrated? We hear you, and we can help:

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Salesforce is an incredibly powerful tool, capable of helping your company in many ways. But it’s also complex, and if it’s not configured correctly, it can actually hurt your company more than not using it at all. The primary causes of frustration are: It’s not set up to serve your business objectives: Salesforce is designed to help simplify your sales [...]