What are Managed Services?

As with any solution, software, or program, someone must support your users and be the point of contact for changes and customizations. In the Salesforce world, that person is called a Salesforce Admin. Are you using an “Accidental Admin, the randomly selected person who learns Salesforce as you implement it?” This is not the best way to solve this need.

How about hiring a full-time Admin? Salesforce recommends one full-time Admin per 75 users. As it is unlikely that you will have that number of users initially and that a full-time Admin’s average salary, according to Salesforce, is greater than $90,000 per year, hiring a full-time Admin may not be your best option. CloudQnect’s Managed Services solves this need.

CloudQnect’s Managed Services provide:

  • a certified on-demand Salesforce Admin on a monthly subscription-based fee structure
  • three levels of response time, with as many support cases you need to fit your budget
  • Annual agreements enable the carry-over of unused support cases from the previous month
  • monthly fees starting as low as $450 per month
  • you get post-implementation support via a webinar 30 Days after we complete our QuickStart service for you and all your users so everyone can ask questions based on their experience of using the platform.

Salesforce Admin Services:

Here is a brief sample of some of the services our Managed Services can provide to you and your team:

  • Maintaining licenses, profiles, permissions, roles, sharing rules, security protocols
  • Customizing objects, fields, page layouts
  • Building custom reports and dashboards
  • Integrating and maintaining apps from the AppExchange
  • Data migration, managing/enforcing data integrity
  • Change management discipline, technical documentation, testing
  • Developing and maintaining process automation, business rules, approval processes
  • On-going training
  • Guidance for best practices
  • Promote and increase Salesforce adoption
  • Communicate new features, enhancements, and changes to Salesforce

Managed Services Case Study

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