The company had a need to have time consuming issues/tasks simplified via coding solutions.


CloudQnect created an “Automation Engineering” solution to automate numerous third-party vendor tasks within the company’s Salesforce instance.


  1. Created a notification of potential vulnerabilities the institution might face with each third-party supplier.
  2. Developed AI bots to handle repetitive tasks.
  3. Created Salesforce custom APIs to aid in combining disparate data into a single location for managing third party suppliers
  4. Created custom sites with more APIs to allow third party suppliers to be proactive in order to complete their required compliance tasks


  1. The company is now able to mitigate compliance and data vulnerabilities prior to them becoming issues.
  2. Mundane tasks are now fully automated and handled by the AI Bots.
  3. All third-party vendors are now handled from within one central Salesforce location and shared across more than 16 business units.
  4. Vendors are now made aware of potential issues reducing the number of compliance reports and enabling vendors to focus on delivering their solutions to the company.
  5. The project was so successful the company replaced an in-house team with a CloudQnect team to deliver similar solutions to other Salesforce instances.