Salesforce DevOps, DX, Custom Development, Integrations, and Implementations

Number 350 on Inc.’s 2022 Fastest Growing
Private Companies in America
Number 350 on Inc.’s 2022 Fastest Growing
Private Companies in America

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We follow the DevOps Maturity Model which increases the efficiency of change management in the development lifecycle. By focusing on process, people, and tools (in that order), we are able to reduce deployment times and defects, and increase throughput.

DX Services

Your team has been building, integrating, and evolving Salesforce for years. However, this has created a disorganized container of metadata, known as “happy soup.”

Salesforce DX offers you the ability to improve your developer’s experience, resulting in higher quality code that is easier to maintain, “version-able,” deploys faster, and can be upgraded with minimal complexity.

Since the launch of Salesforce DX in 2017, CloudQnect developers have been at the forefront of DX, and have helped Fortune 500 companies and others plan and implement their DX migrations, as well as train their internal developers on how to implement and support future DX projects.


Getting the most value out of your IT investments is now more crucial than ever. Integrating Salesforce with your enterprise architecture is key to enabling sales teams, enhancing customer loyalty, and growing market capabilities. With CloudQnect, we will deliver best practices for integrating Salesforce with other apps to deliver these benefits of Tech Stack integrations:

  • Automation – Changes between systems occur faster and automatically
  • Uniformity – Allows you to create uniform user and customer experiences
  • Accuracy – The data passed between systems is more accurate
  • Cost-Effective Solutions – Simplified employee training on a single system


We provide the right implementation tools for the right problem. Using a well-vetted approach, we get the customer up and running on their selected Salesforce Cloud Solutions in exactly the way they want to use it. In the process, we use hands-on training to help with a smooth transition and drive the adoption of the platform.