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CloudQnect started in 2017, after ten years of helping companies support and customize Salesforce. We’re unlike any company in the marketplace and we want to show you why. Download our PDF to learn more about CloudQnect’s Services.



DevOps is no longer a luxury in the Salesforce space, it is a necessity. Our DevOps process starts with assessing your current state and building a plan to get you to a future state that will minimize involvement and defects while increasing quality and throughput. We achieve this by focusing on process, people, and tools.

CloudQnect concentrates a very large amount of brain power in a very small space. I’d strongly recommend them as a partner for anyone struggling with Salesforce DevOps challenges.

Andrew Davis,
author Mastering Salesforce DevOps

Andrew Davis, the author of Mastering Salesforce DevOps points out, “A huge part of the power of IT systems is the ability for them to evolve continuously as the needs of the business change. But as systems become more complex, it naturally becomes harder to change them safely. Adopting DevOps practices is critical to being able to deliver change quickly, easily, and safely on an ongoing basis. Salesforce’s low-code platform dramatically simplifies building applications, but modern Salesforce implementations have become so complex that DevOps is a requirement.”focusing on process, people, and tools.

DevOps Assessment

Based on our 10+ years of Salesforce DevOps experience, we have developed a DevOps Assessment that within 2 – 4 weeks time provides detailed reports. Download our PDF to learn more about CloudQnect’s DevOps Assessment.


These reports include:

  • Current DevOps State including a DevOps maturity score
  • Future State based on our experience, best practices, and your current team. We also include a forecasted DevOps maturity score.
  • Implementation Plan to get you to that Future State.

These assessments have been conducted for Fortune 500 and smaller companies, government agencies, and nonprofits. Putting the right DevOps practice in place can save you hundreds of thousands in your development costs. One client reported to us that they now save upwards of $30,000 per release due to less conflicts, delays, and defects.

CloudQnect’s DevOps Assessment

CloudQnect starts with assessing your current state and building a plan to get you to a future state. Download our PDF to learn more about CloudQnect’s DevOps Assessment Service. Our PDF includes:

  • What a DevOps Assessment will provide
  • Where you rae in the DevOps Maturity phase
  • The three steps to successful SalesForce DevOps

DevOps Tools

DX allows an organization to:

  • Manage their code base in smaller, more discrete package based deployments vs monolithic deployments
  • Enables development to proceed along multiple pipelines to production, instead of just one
  • Reduces the size, time, and complexity of deployments
  • Handles change management entirely through source control
  • Makes deployments and rollbacks more efficient and less problematic through versioned packages


As companies have matured with their use of Salesforce, they see the need to integrate their current tech-stacks into their Salesforce in order to have one source of truth. Over the years, CloudQnect has helped numerous clients integrate their accounting, ERP, inventory management, and HR systems, to name a few. We have successfully implemented MuleSoft, Workato, Jitterbit, custom REST and other Salesforce integration solutions.


We provide the right tools and resources for the right problem. Using a well-vetted approach, we get clients up and running on their selected tools in exactly the way they want to use them. In addition, we use hands-on training to help with a smooth transition and drive the adoption of the platform.

We have successfully implemented Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, CPQ, FSL, FinancialForce, Copado, Flosum, and others.

Why CloudQnect?

“The CloudQnect teams we have worked with and continue to work with are exceptional and innovative.”
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