Maximize your Salesforce investment


Lower Cost of Ownership


Increase in Developer Efficiency


More Features Delivered


Reduction in Compliance Costs

Implement, customize, and optimize your use of Salesforce via our services.


  • AutoRABIT

  • Flosum

  • Ant-Migration Tool


  • BitBucket Pipelines

  • Jenkins

  • CI/CD Rollout Pipelines

Custom Development

  • Apex

  • Visualforce

  • Lightning Design System

  • AppExchange App Development


  • Maintaining licenses, profiles, permissions, roles, sharing rules, security protocols

  • Customizing objects, fields, page layouts

  • Building custom reports and dashboards

  • Integrating and maintaining apps from the AppExchange

  • Data migration, managing/enforcing data integrity

  • Change management discipline involving change promotion, technical documentation, testing, UAT

  • Developing and maintaining process automation, business rules, approval processes

  • Work with customers, gather requirements, training, provide end user support

  • Provide strategic guidance for best practices and for new projects

  • Promote and increase Salesforce adoption

  • Enhancing Salesforce cloud services such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud

Why implement Salesforce with CloudQnect?

Up to date solutions and technologies

The Salesforce platform offers a wide array of built in solutions for easy configuration and management of security, validations, workflows, field updates, approval processes, email notifications, portals, accounts, contacts, cases, tasks, etc. Chances are, there may already be a built-in solution that just needs to be configured and managed, versus built from scratch. The Salesforce platform always keeps customers up to date on its latest offerings, through regular “no down time” releases three times per year.

Faster implementation on new solutions

New systems development in traditional I.T. has to incorporate a lot of groups and superfluous considerations. These initiatives need project managers, business analysts, operations, database architects, software architects, developers, and testers. Not to mention the hardware, software, and server installed library components that often overwhelm the typical configuration management database. Salesforce’s cloud-based development sandboxes enable companies avoid the hardware. Server, and software costs associated with new systems development.

Predictable costs on planning and budgeting

The Salesforce platform does away with the need for the customer to purchase and maintain their own hardware, software, and the operational personnel to maintain them. In modern organizations, these costs can be volatile, wreaking havoc on planning and budgets. The Salesforce platform allows executives to better plan and budget based on platform and development costs only. This coupled with shorter implementation times, allows executives to make more noticeable headway on important initiatives.

Reliable uptime and system accessibility

The Salesforce platform guarantees uptime and accessibility. Salesforce accomplishes near “no down-time” through clustering and rolling deployments. Even quarterly releases rarely result in any downtime or lack of accessibility. Same for deployment of custom development changes from Sandboxes to Production. The User will not encounter any disruption in service. Salesforce also publishes current server farm statuses on for anyone to monitor. What this means to the customer is that so long as the user or developer has an internet connection, they can get their work done. This can be a powerful tool for the executive in accomplishing initiatives and guaranteeing adoption.

Organized development and administration

CloudQnect’s services institutionalize structure and discipline for DevOps, Development, and Administration. We utilize our experience with a wide range of commercial products, coupled with our methodology for establishing CI/CD pipelines. By establishing discipline, processes, and best practices, we help our customers see stress-free Salesforce deployments that last only a couple of hours, versus problematic deployments that can last a couple of days.

Our approach is to start simple, prepare, socialize, reset the pipeline, train, cutover, and then evolve the solution over time, specific to how your organization functions. We have helped companies across the nation to increase the throughput of changes by as much as 1000%, while decreasing defects and technical staff time consumption during deployments, by as much as 85%.

Your Salesforce Investment.