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Ken leads CloudQnect’s Sales and Marketing efforts. Ken is a seasoned entrepreneur having started or co-started several companies in the telecommunications and internet arenas and managing their growth from start-up to more than $100mm. Ken has also advised and negotiated the successful exit for several entrepreneurial companies, including his own companies.

The CIO role is evolving, not going away.

2019-07-23T13:31:36-04:00By |Industry Trends|

Here's how the CIO can thrive moving forward.We read an article recently, which you can read by clicking here, that really caught our attention. It calls into question the relevance of the CIO (Chief Information Officer) and IT departments as a whole, citing this stat: 64% “almost two-thirds (64%) of organizations now allow technology to be managed outside [...]

3 Opportunities To Improve Your Salesforce ROI

2019-12-27T15:57:19-05:00By |Salesforce Optimization|

Salesforce, like any other tool, should supplement your processes to help you achieve your goals. All too often, we see companies try to conform to a different process within Salesforce because they aren’t sure how to build the tool to their specifications. This leads to frustration, lack of adoption and use of the tool altogether, and a significant loss of [...]